Homemade Stuffed Animal Softee Using Keepsake Clothes

Homemade Stuffed Animal Softee Using Keepsake Clothes

POSTED BY June 21, 2016

Homemade Mouse Softee

The post I found to share today reminded me of my childhood and how my favorite toys were always the ones that were the most “special”, not the most expensive.

I thought this post was great because for years I kept my daughter’s clothes that had cute designs and special memories determined to make something from them that would be meaningful and loveable.

At the time, I had the desire to be crafty – but I just wasn’t. Now that the kids are bigger and I have a bit more time I sew, craft, crochet, etc. Unfortunately I have since given away all of the baby clothes I had held onto because I was sure I’d never get around to doing anything with it.

So, for all you moms and grandmas that want to do something special with your childs clothing besides a quilt, here is a great idea. This post is specifically a mouse softee, but it could be used for any animal or doll.

Kids love stuffed animals, but especially those made with love. What will you make for the special child in your life?



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